Future Robotics Engineer?

Blood Borne Pathogen Researcher?

CAD Specialist?

Structural Engineer?

Professional Billiards Player? - Not Likely!

Dependable Friend and Colleague? - Definitely!

Hi, I'm Matthew Fallon, a high school junior interested in a degree in Engineering.

I have not decided which exact path to take in college yet, but I am confident it will be in the area of Science and Engineering. I have worked hard to be accepted into the AP Credit classes for Chemistry and Engineering. I am interested in colleges that have strong degree progams in Engineering, possibly leading to a career in aerospace. I am facinated with how we build and shape our future both on earth and possibly beyond.

About Me

I was born in 1997 in Davenport, IA. Both of my parents work for a major chemical research laboratory so I was introduced to computers and chemistry at a very young age. While others were playing on swingsets, I was playing with a microscope and learning how to build things using Lego Mindstorms. I still play with both today :)

Engineering & Science

My real interest is in the fields of Science and Engineering. I have always loved to figure out how things work and how to make them work better. I enjoy Mechanical Enineering and the complex mathematics that drive our physical world.

I am also fascinated with the processes of the human body. Partiularly in how viruses and other blood pathogens develop and how the body deals with them. This has made me very passionate about Chemistry.

CAD II Assignment - Free-standing Structure

Computer Aided Design

I have been working towards a future in Engineering. I have elected to take classes in physics, Calculus, and CAD.I cannot decide if I want to pursue a degree in Robotics or Structural Engineering.


  • Computer Aided Design I & II,
  • Physics
  • Calculus I, II, & III
  • Junior Electronics (with Controls & Robotics Lab)

Academic Portfolio

Here is a a collection of some of my favorite work. It isn't all complete, but still think it represents my interest and skill level. I also am involved in many off site engineering competitions through my school. Next year, my schools team will go to MIT to compete in the High School Robotics Challenge.  

My Art

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  • Free-standing Structure

    AUTOCAD Design

    Here was my Gazeebo project in response to the Free-standing Structure assignment in CAD III. Once our designs were complete, our teacher submitted our designs to simlated damaging structural forces to see how well they would stand-up in the real world.

  • Assignment: Adirondack Chair

    AUTOCAD Design

    We were tasked to design a chair. I chose to create an Adirondack chair because I wanted to build one.

  • Domed Roof

    Shop Class

    This was an implementation of a CAD domed roof design.


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