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I am Meredith Gallagher, a sophomore in high school who is college bound. I want to explore the world.

I am an athlete who strives to play field hockey at a high level in college. I am also a passionate computer artist and writer. In college and beyond I hope to continue to be able to pursue my goals while being a responsible citizen of our world community.

About Me

I was born in 1998 in Norwalk, CT. My family moved to Ridgefield, CT where I attended elementary school, middle school, and now, high school. I enjoy traveling. I have explored many different parts of the United States and took my first trip to Europe last year. I started playing field hockey when I was in 5th grade and play competitively for my high school, a club team, FCUnited. I am very outgoing and enjoy helping others around me. I am interested in focusing on English and Computer Art and Design in my academic career.

Field Hockey

I have been playing field hockey since fifth grade. I love the competition and challenges that field hockey provides. I have always wanted to play field hockey at a high level and playing in college is something that I want to pursue. I have played in many national tournaments, including being selected from the Northeast regional tournament to play in the National Futures Championship in 2013.My biggest strengths as a player are my stick skills, field vision, and speed.

All Star Game
Hall, Michael - Varsity Field Hockey Coach Click here to play audio reflection

School Team

Team: Jefferson Wheeley High School

Position: Center Midfielder 

Level: 2nd Year Starter (started every game)


Academic Portfolio

Here is a collection of my best work. Some are polished, completed works. Others are in-progress. But I feel all I have selected represent me and my skill level well. I am particularly proud of my writing and photography.

Instructor Reflections:
Phelps, Philip - Grade 10 - Graphic Photography

My Art

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  • Cabin

    Computer Art

    My first creation using digital, artistic tools. Color and balance were two areas of focus here.

  • Complementary Colors with Shapes

    Computer Art

    Complementary Colors with Shapes was the assignment. However, I also wanted to try out layering colors, not just adding them to different sections. I learned a lot from using colors that are not my favorite!

  • Surrealism

    Photoshop Retouched

    This image was much more subtle than the one I used for my independent project. I used all the learning I did on that image to create this montage. I am thrilled that these two are viewed side by side and show the range of color and strength of image and the need to find the right balance.

  • Suspending Reality

    Photoshop Retouched

    Building on what I did on the independent project and the surrealism project, I tried to use a deeper depth of field to add another layer of complexity. At first I added too many elements into the image. From my early drafts to my final one here, i reduced the number of focal points from 6 to 2. I think this improved the image considerably.

  • Epicenter

    Color Photography

    I found this tree fascinating. I waiting until almost exactly noon, when the sun would be overhead so the light would shine almost directly down, giving the tree a more heavy, anchored look. I love the way it is reaching in all directions, while slowly being overtaken by Spanish Moss.

  • Deviled Eggs

    Image and Irony

    The goal of this piece was to use images as an ironic twist on the words. I like the playful humor of this and the way the piece came out. I realized from doing this assignment how difficult cartooning is from a content perspective.

  • field hockey field

    Overlay and mixing

    I mixed a photo image with cutouts as players. If I had more time, I would work to have the players be more meaningful through a combination of what they are doing and the coloring used to represent them.

  • Text Face

    Simple - 1st Step

    I am experimenting with drawing tools in this piece. I will likely drop it from my portfolio when the final piece in the series is done. However, I am including it now as a placeholder.

  • Independent

    Photoshop Colorized

    Although the colors are vibrant here, the more powerful underlying image is stronger. I experimented with many images and colors before settling on this combination. Most importantly, I examined the varying saturation levels for transparency. I think that if my image were more scenic and less strong, the colors would have overwhelmed the image. I think that was my the key trait I learned by doing this image.

  • Final Project Inspiration

    Color Photography

    This piece was my favorite I did all year. I am trying to balance the image of the sea with contrasting image of the trees to suggest the similarity of effect for environments that are so different. I used most all of the techniques we learned in class this year.

  • Independent Final

    Computer Drawing

  • Lake

    Photoshop Retouched

    I am trying to be more subtle with digital recreation of some parts of the image. My goal is to add strategic emphasis, not to reshape the image with intrusive graphic art. I think I will pursue more of this approach in future pieces.


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